NCE 2008 Topical Conference

Thank you for participating in the social media round table at the NCE 2008 Topical Conference in Albuquerque.

This blog was created as a space for members of NCE to share their experiences with social media.

Please feel free to add the successes and challenges you have experienced with social media.  To do so, please use the comments section for the posts.

The goal is to explore the growing field of social media for the benefit of our charitable organizations.



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2 responses to “NCE 2008 Topical Conference

  1. Thanks to everybody who attended these sessions. There was plenty interaction at both sessions and the feedback has been very positive. Special thanks to John Askew, Terry Macy and Dave Tinker for moderating the discussions.

  2. Terry Macy

    I thought John gave a good description of how an agency uses social networking tools and Dave did a great job of giving an overview of several of the tools that are out there. One of the better known tools we talked about was Twitter. Within the last several mmonths this seems to be a kess reliable tools. One option to this is Jaiku. It functions in much the same way and perhaps a bit more graphical approach. One resource I use a lot to keep up with what’s happening in social networking area (and a bunch of tech stuff) is podcasts. One of my favorites is Leo Laporte “The Tech Guy”. He covers a great deal of subject matter buut he and his many contacts do a thorough job. He has several syndicated radio shows under the embrella name of TWIT – This week in tech. He is also beginning his own Twitter style program. Enterrtaining and informative. You can find his and other sites through Itunes or just Google his name.

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