Pittsburgh’s Social Networking

This is the link on my agency’s web site that has the links to our social networking.


Dave Tinker, CFRE
Director of Development

ACHIEVA/Arc of Greater Pittsburgh



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3 responses to “Pittsburgh’s Social Networking

  1. Okay, obviously not many people are working on this. How do I know that a blog has been updated? I am new to blogging. Also, is there a way to find this if I should not know the link? Like, can I go to wordpress and find this?

  2. dtinker

    Peggy, et. al.,

    You can tell when a blog is updated by a couple of different methods.

    1) You can track it using an RSS reader. I happen to use Google Reader but there are plenty of free readers. RSS readers are nice to use if you want to check on several blogs at once. When a blog has been updated, the RSS reader will let you know by showing you a new story link.

    1 a) In addition to stories, you can also track when comments are added to a specific post using a RSS reader.

    1 b) Many news organizations post their stories online in RSS format now so you can check the news the same time you are checking blogs.

    2) You can look at the blog and view the date of the latest post.

    3) Some blogs have calendars on their blog roll. (A blog roll is a list of links typically on the left or right of a page, depending on the layout). The NCE Social Media site happens to have a calendar on the right. The dates blogs have been posted show up highlighted in green on our site.

    4) There hasn’t been much activity on this blog yet but I plan to post a new post at least every other week highlighting a new social media tool.

    If you or others have any suggestions for social media tools to post to this blog, please feel to post them in the comments section.

    Dave Tinker

  3. Dave,

    Perhaps a brief description of how to subscribe to a RSS feed/use a reader would be a good next topic. I put mine into my Yahoo! account and they show on my MyYahoo! page.

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