Story on Microblogging

Today, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from a story about using microblogging for news.

This story should remind you how you can quickly share news and information to your constituency using a microblogging tool such as Twitter.

Here is another story from the Chronicle of Philanthropy that describes how charities have used services such as Twitter to connect with their constituents.

Here are microblogging tools that you may find useful to you. These tools can allow you to give short sentences of information, collaborative ideas, or even allow you to share your mood with friends:

This list is not exhaustive. If you have found other microblogging-type tools, please share them in the comments section.



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2 responses to “Story on Microblogging

  1. Recently, some cable news networks are taking comments/questions from listeners via Twitter and using them during the broadcast as part of their live interviews/conversations with guests/panelists. Talk radio is also using Twitter or similar services as a regular part of their feedback loop.

    CNN has been promoting it for a while and it seems folks are finally using it in larger numbers.

  2. dtinker

    Here is a link to a story in the Hartford Current about congressmen Twittering during the State of the Union.

    Unfortunately their poll on the subject doesn’t work so there are 0 votes for it.

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