Why I Tweet and other items…

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a great story today on Twitter and how it indicates leadership. The story also explains how Twitter allows anyone to follow you (although you may block them) versus Facebook in which only your friends may follow you.

The story also mentions a blog post by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos.com. Tony wrote an insightful post on the important role that Twitter has played in his company’s ability to connect with his customers. Tony is considered an innovator in the field of customer service and his use of Twitter is evidence of it.

How do you think it could benefit you reaching out to your customers?

Email and Social Networking
In other news, Read Write Web reports that Social Networking is now more popular that email. Their story includes this nice chart

Now there is a different view point about email still being an important tool. It can drive people to your website and your social media efforts. Amy Sample Ward posts on her web site regarding a webinar series on stepping up your email marketing.

Arc Chapters on Twitter
Finally I want to give a hat tip to two arc chapters that have active Twitter accounts –

  • The Arc of Albany in Albany, GA @AlbanyARC
  • The Arc of Hamilton County, OH (Cincinnati) @TheARChc

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