Social Media at AFP International Conference

I’m back from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) conference in New Orleans, LA. There were social media companies there hocking their wares. There also were charities there who conducted presentations on their use of social media.

I wanted do a brief run down of what I learned.

Some companies that were there included:

  • ammado – Global online community of nonprofits, socially responsible companies, and individuals committed to positive change, ie your volunteers.
  • Givezooks – Social fundraising tool that fits into many of the social media sites at a grassroots level. I would highly recommend viewing their site.
  • ThePort Network – delivers a wide-range of social media tools that include social networking, content publishing, events, reputation, social grouping, Single Sign On, white label, and fundraising integration.

The sessions included:

Also, you can search Twitter to find comments about the event and see how you might want to incorporate Twitter into your own conferences and events.


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