Facebook Follies

Yesterday I stumbled across a group page on Facebook for my agency’s camping and recreation program. Our agency didn’t set up this group and we don’t administer it. A former camp counselor set it up as a way to reconnect with other former and current camp counselors from our camping program. They have our current camping program schedule posted to the site.

I want to reach out to the person who set up this group. I don’t want to take over the reins of this group but I want to make sure they continue to stay connected to our agency. By creating a group on a social media platform like Facebook, they have demonstrated that they have a strong link to our agency that continues even after they are no longer a summer counselor. This is someone who can be a donor, a volunteer. Whether or not they know it, they are acting as an evangelist for our programs.

Allowing someone else to write about you is something we will have to face now thanks to social media. This is a difficult situation for most, ie realizing that we can’t control what is written about us. And…we don’t have much of a choice in it. Unless they are violating a law or terms of their current/former contract this isn’t much we can do.

What are your agencies’ experiences with allowing others on social media platforms to create pages, blog posts, etc. that describe relate to your work?

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