SEO – What it means to your organization

Did you ever wonder why your agency doesn’t pop to the top of search results when you use Google, Yahoo, Bing or

Perhaps it is because you haven’t optimized your site for search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term people use to describe the study and enhancement of websites to help them gain page rankings in search engines, i.e. so they appear at the top of the search results for each search engine. Being one of the top three links listed when people search for you can be important. Less than 5% of people who use search engines look at or click links after the third one on the results page. That means if your competitor is ranked higher, their link will be clicked on first.

So you want to incorporate SEO into your website but don’t know where to start? You can visit SEOmoz, which is a website with free (and buy up) tools that are very helpful.

Previously, I’ve also described tools that each of the major search engines offer for webmasters. You should review these. Outside of a few web directories local to your organization, I wouldn’t recommend working on search engines other than the top four search engines because they account for more than 96% of all web searches. If you analyze your own web sites statistics you can see which search engines people use to find your agency. Focus on these engines.

I bet you’re asking why I’m talking about SEO on a site for social media. Quite simply, your content in social media can enhance your page ranking in search engines. For example, if you type my name, Dave Tinker, in Google you will find my Facebook link as the #1 result and my Twitter page as the #3 result.

As search engines continuously change their search algorithms to improve their search rankings, you will want to follow those changes to ensure that your site remains at the top of the search results page.


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