Social Media Policies

Mashable has a nice story about why you should have a Social Media Policy at your agency. As more of your employees are likely Tweeting, posting to Facebook, and uploading videos and photos, you need to make sure they aren’t posting information about your agency without your agency’s permission. You need to protect your brand by avoiding HIPAA violations, general privacy and confidentiality issues, libelous or slanderous acts, and control what is said to the public by unofficial people who may be assumed to be speaking on behalf of your organization just to name a few. Having a policy in place that delineates who may or may not post on behalf of your agency that addresses this is vital.

The Social Media Governance website has 82 examples of social media policies in place at corporations. You should review these to see what you may glean for your own agency’s policy.

If you already have a policy in place and would be willing to share it, please send it to me at dtinker at I would be happy to post it here at this blog.



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