Video Fridays #19

For the 19th installment of Video Fridays, I thought I would choose a video that show you how to use URL Shorteners. What is a URL Shortener you say? Wikipedia states “URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web where a provider makes a web page available under a very short URL in addition to the original address. For example, the page can be shortened to” If you use tools such as Tweetdeck or Seesmic, these are already built into those applications.

And here’s a second video that is newer and explains it well too.

Here is a list of URL Shorteners: –
Trim –
TinyURL –
Bitly –
Wiurl –
Snipr –
Cligs –
Twirl –

If you have a favorite, or one not listed here, please share it in the comments.



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2 responses to “Video Fridays #19

  1. Check your menu for goto URL, Bookmark, type address, look in the User guide for how to enter URL directly or ask your service provider. Url Redirection Service

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