Future of Computing

Do you ever wonder about the future of computing and how social media may fit into it? There are quite a few web-based resources that you can access to read about predictions and research of the future that is happening now. I wanted to share some links with you that address this issue.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project studies has some very insightful research that you can read. Their research looks at how technology impacts the many different facets of our lives. Their newest report is a look at the status of cloud computing in 2020.

Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Logo.

Elon University’s Imagining the Internet project, which is a partner of the Pew Research Center, also has great research-based predictions of the future of technology and the internet. They also allow you to add your input on how you see the future of the internet.

A third resource is the New Media Consortium’s Emerging Technology Initiative. Their Horizon reports are annual reports deciphering future trends. These are definitely worth a read.

What are some of the resources you have used when looking at the future of technology? Please feel free to share them with others in the comments section.


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