60 Minutes

A new report by Sysomos has found that when you send a tweet it will mostly likely be retweeted within the first hour of posting. After that it likely will not be retweeted. Apparently, after an hour it’s old news and you can use it to line the bird cage.

Are you measuring how people are retweeting your own tweets? Do you find that they retweet it within an hour? Are they only retweeting after work hours or on certain days of the week? In the comments section, let us know when people retweet your posts. If you need help seeing when people retweet your posts, check out our past post on tools that can help you post to social media. These tools allow you to see retweets, too.

Pie charts explaining level of retweets basedo n period of posting

You've only got 60 minutes - image from Sysomos


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