Is YouTube Making You Money?

Here’s a great tool I stumbled across, MyU2B, which tracks how much a YouTube channel earns each day, the comments, thumbs up or down, and favorites based on views to the channel. In the past I’ve discussed the impact YouTube and other video channels have on your search rankings and advocacy.

MyU2B logo - a blue capital letter Y

While I don’t expect that our agencies would earn significant amounts of money from the ads that are displayed on YouTube, there are indeed significant amounts to be made. For instance Rihanna earns more than $3,300 per day, which translates to more than $1 million annually.

A main benefit I see of MyU2B to us is placing statistics for all of your YouTube videos on your channel in an easy to read chart. If you aren’t listed, check it out and request to see your channel’s statistics.

What other tools do you use to track your YouTube channel and other social media presence?



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2 responses to “Is YouTube Making You Money?

  1. If you ever have any questions about MyU2B Stats or our MyU2B App, please let me know. Thanks for the mention:)

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