Beware the Chaff

An article from TalentZoo written by folks at HootSuite got me thinking about how to separate out the good stuff on social media from the bad. It also got me thinking on how to make my own social media posts wheat and not chaff.

Here is a list of things you stated in the article that you can do right now to help you in this endeavor.

  • Begin Listening – hear what people say
  • Outreach to Influencers – engage people that influence you online
  • Amplify by Sharing – find a good story – share it with others through your stream
  • Ask Opinions of Your Followers – your followers are a built in focus group, use them
  • Use it as an Early Warning System – see any complaints about your agency? Head them off here.
  • Be the Party Host – keep things in check and moving to your desired outcomes

Old photo of men separating wheat from chaff


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