Friday Run Down – 3 for the Road

1) A new free calender widget allows you to set up a calendar page, and has a social component. When people sign up to attend it also will post the attendance to Facebook. People can upload photos and comment on the event.

2) Google now allows you to manage your online reputation. Called “Me on the Web” it allows you to set up alerts when someone has posted information about you online. Google also provides tools on how to manage your online identity and how to remove unwanted content. This will be interesting to see how it may be tweaked to manage your organization’s reputation.
Graphic of blue people stanind together and one yellow person standing out in the group
3) Here is an infographic on the real cost of social media from Column Five Media. It compares things such as sales to Facebook fans vs sales to people not signed up as a fan. How are you measuring your sales, donations, referrals, etc. from your constituents who are connected to you via social media?


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