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A new blog post over at the Social Media Examiner on how to grow your followers got me thinking. I have a bunch of followers on Twitter, but I’m not sure how I got them. Hopefully it’s for my witty repartee. All joking aside, it is likely because it’s something I’ve posted. Something about disabilities, something about ACHIEVA, something I’ve retweeted, or something of mine that was retweeted.

I also follow quite a few account. But I’ve followed them for just a few reasons. First, I am following all of the Arc of the US chapters I can. Next, I also follow people on Twitter who are social media gurus – and I mean they really are, not just because they state so in their online bio. (In my opinion, if you state it in your bio you really aren’t a guru.) And finally, I follow people who post interesting items.

How do you grow your list of people who like or follow you on social media? Please share your experiences in the comments section!

Ducklings following momma duck


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