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Is Liking Something on Social Media Hurting Your Org?

A recent study done by researchers from the Sauder School of Business found that people who like a post Facebook or retweet something are less likely to give you a donation. Once people like, share or repost something they are done with the action and are less motivated to give.

Here’s a video describing the study’s findings and what it means to us who work at charities who use social media to drive people to donate and to action.

This study’s findings contradict other studies done like this one done by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and this one from the Nonprofit Social Benchmarking Report that found when social media is incorporated into fundraising, donations increase.

What are your thoughts on this new study?


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Social Media in the time of Crisis

As you all know by now, the bombs set off during the Boston Marathon yesterday were a horrible thing. People were injured. People died. Our world has changed again.

Many took to social media to share news quickly to say that they were okay, instructions on how to find help and how to give help. Some posted prayers and comforting quotes. Pictures and videos were shared. News from individuals, media, and authorities was pushed out quickly.

Because so many people take to social media in a time of crisis, individuals, organizations and companies that have automated postings should consider changing the messages in their posts until there is some sense of normalcy again. Some say turn them off completely for a while. Mostly benign, the social media posts can make one look uncaring, unfeeling, and uninterested. For instance, during the Boston crisis, Virgin Airlines was sending promtional tweets about the London Marathon this weekend. If you don’t turn off the automated tweets and don’t change the message, be prepared to hear negative comments from the people that read the posts and don’t realize that the posts are automated.

Some people posted items that they quickly deleted after quick reflection while others saw it as an opportunity to be sensationalist for their own benefits. Some even saw it as an opportunity to set up spoof social media pages to build awareness for themselves. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you see it, tweets like these can not truly be deleted. What happens on Twitter stays in the Library of Congress.

What would your agency do in this time of crisis? Do you have a crisis communications plan in place? Who is speaking on your behalf? Does your staff or volunteers know what to say? It is increasingly important for you to be able to share your information quickly, accurately, and through the most channels as possible.

Update: 4/17/13 – here are a couple more examples of automated tweets failing:

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Top Ten for 2011

It would be the end of the year without another Top Ten list. NCE Social Media is no exception.

Here are the top 10 posts from the past year.

10. Google+
9. Social Media Etiquette
8. 10 Commandments of Posting Online
7. Facebook’s EdgeRank
6. Megaphones
5. Social Media as a Fundraising Tool for 2011
4. Setting Up Facebook Fan Pages
3. New Facebook Groups
2. Share Buttons and Bars
1. Is YouTube Making You Money?

What were your favorites?

Top Ten trophy with wings

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Beware the Chaff

An article from TalentZoo written by folks at HootSuite got me thinking about how to separate out the good stuff on social media from the bad. It also got me thinking on how to make my own social media posts wheat and not chaff.

Here is a list of things you stated in the article that you can do right now to help you in this endeavor.

  • Begin Listening – hear what people say
  • Outreach to Influencers – engage people that influence you online
  • Amplify by Sharing – find a good story – share it with others through your stream
  • Ask Opinions of Your Followers – your followers are a built in focus group, use them
  • Use it as an Early Warning System – see any complaints about your agency? Head them off here.
  • Be the Party Host – keep things in check and moving to your desired outcomes

Old photo of men separating wheat from chaff

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Checking In or Checking Out?

The Pew Internet Life Project has release a new study related to location-based check in services such as Gowalla, Foursquare and Facebook Places. It found that adults are 8 times less likely to use a location-based check-in application. Overall, 4% of Americans use location-based check-in tools.

What does that mean to you? It probably means that you should really consider who your target audience really is, and if they are using smartphones prior to embarking on a full fledged location-based program. If your target audience is comprised of younger adults who use smartphones then you should give more serious consideration to location-based check-in applications. If not, then perhaps you should use those energies in your other social media efforts.

If you want to revisit one of my previous posts on the launch of Facebook Places, visit it here.

Graphic from NY Times

image from NY Times

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2 Minute Influence Test

Every wonder how your Twitter postings influences others? Free online tools such as Klout analyze your use of Twitter and gives you recommendations to be more influential. Try it out and see what ideas it may spawn…


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Simple Awareness

Often I get asked how you can raise awareness and/or funds with social media tools. I think one of the easiest things to do is to make sure your social media pages have as much about your cause on them as possible. Now I don’t want it to look like this

Cluttered Background from a website

from Million Dollar Home Page

But rather you should make sure to include your logo, website, phone number and mission statement in your backgrounds. This is but a subtle way to remind visitors what it is you do, your contact information, and in some cases perhaps a call to action.

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