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Facebook Updates News Feed (Again)

Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm again. What does this mean for you? It means that they want more people to know what is going on around them…and by pushing more stories with the most comments, the most shares, and the most likes to the top of your feed, they believe you will want to see that story. Almost one third of people use Facebook to get their news. So, Facebook wants to make sure more people can see the “newsworthy” posts first.

Personally, I don’t like the News Feed default and prefer the All Friends feed. If something hasn’t been commented on or liked you can miss a lot (cure the Fear of Missing Out (#FOMO) music). That said what if your constituents don’t see a post announcing a new advocacy initiative? What if you don’t have many followers on your page yet? Your posts may end up being missed by those who do follow or like you.

Which feed do you prefer?


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The King is dead! Long live the King!

Ok, the King isn’t really dead but Facebook’s EdgeRank is. Facebook now uses more than 100,000 factors in it’s algorithm to determine what is in your Facebook feed. That’s in addition to the original 3 found in EdgeRank: weight, affinity and time.

I’ve written about EdgeRank in the (past. Just like Facebook, what once was simple now is complex. It is also a reason why I don’t like Facebook as much. I don’t like missing posts from friends who only post once in a blue moon.

So what are your thoughts on Facebook’s algorithms that create what they think you want to see most? Please share in the comments section.

Blue box with word bubbles, an anvil and a clock.  Underneath are the words, affinity, weight, and relevance

image source:

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Four things for 4th of July

Since it’s the 4th of July tomorrow, here are four things that are trending in social media right now.

1) Instagram video. Earlier this summer Instagram released it’s video component to compete with Twitter’s Vine. Some say it hit Vine hard. Others say, not so fast. In my opinion I like the filters you can use on Instragram but the 15 seconds seems too long compared to Vine’s 6 seconds. Chalk it up to another Facebook imitating what is popular elsewhere instead of creating their own new innovation. can you say #hashtags?

2) Countries again want to block social media because of the political unrest they cause. Countries like Turkey have tightened their control and want offices for the social media giants to be located in their own country so staff may be summoned to government offices when needed. When you have countries insisting on offices and blocking posts you have a very powerful tool at your hands. Use it wisely.

3) You must use Social Media to replace the RRS Feeds that Google and others have dropped. RSS Feeds were a great tool to aggregate news from many sites into one place and you could make it your own. Now you have to use a Web 3.0 social version of it. If someone likes a link and shares it all you have to do is refresh your social media feed. Since Google and others have decided that RSS feeds are no longer necessary, boo hiss, you can use social media in its stead.

4) Here are some APPs picked for you for the 4th of July. From Grilling guides, to beaches and fireworks. Ejnoy!

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Facebook makes changes…AGAIN

In the past week Facebook anounced two changes that I think you should take note of: 1) they are going to start allowing hashtags to be posted in status updates and 2) they changed the news feed again.

If you recall from one of my previous posts, hashtags are key words or terms that you expect people to use in searches so that they can find your post(s). It can be an actual word or an abbreviation that would mean something to the intended reader. For instance one conference I will be attending uses the hashtag #afpicon so people can find information specific to the conference. Another example would be to add the hashtag #autism to a post about autism. You would then be alerting people that the theme is autism and at the same time helping search features of Facebook, Google, etc., know what the keyword is in your post.

Words #hashtag mania

The second item I mention was the news feed. Facebook is still in the process of rolling it out to all !.0 bilion+ users. The goal is to make the page design more visually appealing to users – especially those using mobile technology.
Mark Zuckerberg said that the new news feed will “give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper in the world.”

So how do you use hashtags and how do you like the new Facebook news feed? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.

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Voting, Elections and Real Time Social Media

First, I hope you vote today!

Did you know that Facebook is doing real time tracking of voting today? John Haydon, who is a social media specialist that I have referenced numerous times, has a great brief video showing you what Facebook is up to. After viewing it, think how you can use the demographic information provided by Facebook to better target your audience and to better engage with them.

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Timelines, they are a-changing

If you have a Facebook page for your organization be prepared for a change on March 30, 2012. Facebook is changing all pages over to it’s timeline format.

What does that mean for you? Well, since there is a change in layout, you’ll want to make sure you have branding and graphics correctly sized and ready for the change. You can opt in to the changes to see what your page will look like.

You’re going to need to have a cover photo. This is a larger photo that individual Facebook accounts with the timeline already have in place. Dimensions for the image should be 850px by 315px. Make sure the image you choose for your cover photo is this size or stretches to the size without distortion. Mashable has a post with some fun cover photos for some brand pages. You have time to be creative with your cover photo if you start now.

There will no longer be the ability to set a default landing tab. All people will go to your main Facebook page. You can have up to 12 tabs for your page. The tabs will be located below your cover photo and you can arrange the tabs to your preference. Other changes include Pinning (like Pinterest), how to access administration of the page, and page messaging.

Another hat tip to John Haydon on his insightful how-to videos. Here’s a video on how to change your Facebook page over to the new timeline brand pages.

With all of these changes, there will likely be benefits to us. First, it should enhance branding capabilities. Hopefully it will increase engagement.

If you have already converted to the new timeline, let us know about your likes and dislikes of it in the comment section.

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Top Ten for 2011

It would be the end of the year without another Top Ten list. NCE Social Media is no exception.

Here are the top 10 posts from the past year.

10. Google+
9. Social Media Etiquette
8. 10 Commandments of Posting Online
7. Facebook’s EdgeRank
6. Megaphones
5. Social Media as a Fundraising Tool for 2011
4. Setting Up Facebook Fan Pages
3. New Facebook Groups
2. Share Buttons and Bars
1. Is YouTube Making You Money?

What were your favorites?

Top Ten trophy with wings

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