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What Social Media is Cool with Teens?

It seems that teens change their mind as often as we think. One day they like something, the next day they don’t. Well it isn’t any different with their choice of social media. Teens want to be able to express themselves but also not do so in front of their parents. A recent story in the NY Times highlights studies that founds teens are more interested in using Twitter this year versus last year. They’re also more interested in using Instagram but not Facebook. Parents, if you have a Facebook account only to monitor your kids, you’ll want to make sure you understand Twitter and Instagram, too.

Mom watching over shoulder of two teen girls on a computer

source: uknowkids.com


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Newest Changes to Twitter and Facebook

Twitter recently announced that they were going to start allowing people who follow your account on Twitter, regardless if you follow them back, to send you direct messages on Twitter. It’s also been reported that you cannot have and weblinks in your Twitter direct messages. Other than spam from companies trying to sell you goods, how do you think this will impact you and your organization?

Facebook also made news by announcing that it has changed its privacy policy…again… that will allow all users to be discovered using Facebook Graph (it’s search tool). It doesn’t matter if you’ve protected and locked down your account. Fortunately there are a couple of tips to protect your information on Facebook as best possible without taking the step of completely deleting your account.

Will you follow people on Twitter just to send them direct messages? Is that spamming people you otherwise can’t contact?

What about Facebook? Will you make the necessary edits to your account to keep it as private as possible?

Let us know in the comments section.

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The 140 Best Twitter Feeds

Time.com just came out with their “Best 140 twitter Feeds for 2013.” However, none are disability-related. Since they won’t do it, I think I will come up with a list of the “Best 140 Twitter Disability-Related Feeds for 2013” but I first want your input.

Text - Top 140 Disability-related Twitter Feeds for 2013

If you have a favorite Twitter disability-related feed and think others should be following it, too, please share it in the comments section. Please do so by the end of the day 4/15/13. I will compile and categorize the nominations and will share the list in a future NCE Social Media blog post.

Please note, that I reserve the right to exclude some or all of the Twitter feeds nominated due to appropriateness or space limitations.

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Vine Video App

Last week Twitter made public the newest must-have “Killer App” – Vine. It is a tool that allows you to record 6 second video clips on your smartphone. You can post them to Twitter in addition to Vine. Facebook blocked it right after it came out (the two won’t play nice with each other so Facebook took it’s ball and went home), therefore you have to manually post a link to your Vine video to Facebook. Think of Vine as more social version of an animated gif.

green logo with white bird that is the Twitter logo and the word Vine in script

As my friend Nathan Hand already pointed out in his blog post 21 nonprofit uses of Vine, it can be a very useful tool for nonprofits. I’m already contemplating how we can thank donors, demonstrate how their gift was put to use, share our capital campaign progress, and possibly demonstrating our various programs. Also, there are companies already creating Vine-based tools, such as live-streaming Vine videos as they are uploaded. It’s a hot topic so it shouldn’t be long before others will quickly build and release Vine-based applications that will benefit us.

If you use Vine, share your username in the comments section. The Vine account I created to test can be found at http://vine.co/v/bJvDBE6V0zg Feel free to visit it. Let us know how you are or will use it for your organization.

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10 Social Media Things I’m Thankful for This Year

Coming up on Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a top ten list of things I’m thankful for when it comes to social media.

10. Restricted social media like Path to share with a select group of people.
9. Getting up to the minute news via Twitter.
8. Learning what rhymes with purple from Pinterest.
7. Meeting a co-presenter online and working virtually with her for a year before meeting in real life.
6. Facebook hasn’t changed my privacy settings for a while…oh wait, nevermind. They just did again ūüė¶
5. Foursquare rolled out updates for local merchants (including nonprofit merchants)
4. Instagram was opened up to Droids.
3. More books specific to nonprofit use of social media have been published including these three gems: 1, 2, 3.
2. That share button on every piece of mail, email, and website is increasingly important.

and the number one social media thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season is…

1. Using Social Media for Nonprofits Gangnam Style

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Let’s talk about spam and social media. ¬†Not the canned meat delicacy but the nasty unwanted stuff. ¬†When you think of spam you probably think of email. ¬†But social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are also avenues for spam. ¬†

A story by Bloomberg Business Week states that as many as 40% of all social media accounts are spam. ¬†Why would spammers target social media – because they can. ¬†And because it’s easier to reach a larger audience via social media than it is to send spammy emails. ¬†

Putting spam and social media together leads us to two things. ¬†First, make sure you don’t click on links on social media sites you don’t know and make sure your social media passwords are very secure. ¬†In fact why not change them regularly, including after you read this post. ¬†Second, think about the types of information you share on social media platforms. ¬†Is it really important content? ¬†Is it something your readers/friends/followers would consider spam? ¬†Would the social media platforms consider it spam? ¬†Here’s a list of what the various platforms consdier spam.

Image of text of words related to spam and social media

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Twitter Following

A new blog post over at the Social Media Examiner on how to grow your followers got me thinking. I have a bunch of followers on Twitter, but I’m not sure how I got them. Hopefully it’s for my witty repartee. All joking aside, it is likely because it’s something I’ve posted. Something about disabilities, something about ACHIEVA, something I’ve retweeted, or something of mine that was retweeted.

I also follow quite a few account. But I’ve followed them for just a few reasons. First, I am following all of the Arc of the US chapters I can. Next, I also follow people on Twitter who are social media gurus – and I mean they really are, not just because they state so in their online bio. (In my opinion, if you state it in your bio you really aren’t a guru.) And finally, I follow people who post interesting items.

How do you grow your list of people who like or follow you on social media? Please share your experiences in the comments section!

Ducklings following momma duck

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