Social Media at the 2012 Olympics

With the world focused on London for the Olympics, it’s a chance for social media to shine.

We’ve seen athletes kicked out of the games because of tweets including a track athlete and a soccer player. A journalist was kicked off of Twitter, then reinstated, for including the email address of an NBC executive while complaining vociferously about NBC’s coverage of the games.

The Olympics actually has a set of social media guidelines for athletes and delegates to follow.

Social media companies have forged partnerships with broadcasters bringing TV and the internet even closer. For example Facebook is partnering with NBC. Facebook is crunching analyzing people post to Facebook about the games and they are broadcasting NBC’s video feeds. NBC gets stories out of the data that Facebook is analyzing. NBC, and other broadcasters, are posting live news to various social media sites. So if you follow NBC on Twitter or Facebook you’ll see the results of the games before the tape-delayed events are broadcast. While tape-delayed Olympic events are not new, the viewer’s ability to voice their complaints about it is…thanks to social media.

Here’s a video of some athletes and how they plan to use social media during the Olympics

How are you using social media during these Olympics? Are you doing anything different? Are you staying the same? Feel free to share in the comments section.


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