How People Use Social Media

The nice folks at Wolfram Blog have created a set of charts identifying how people talk on Facebook as they age. Wolfram Alpha allows people to donate access to their Facebook feed so that they can study how we use technology. More than one million people have done so to date.

The newsflash is that the younger you are the more you talk about Facebook on Facebook.

Line chart indicating people talk less about Facebook as they age.  It is about equal between genders

source: Wolfram Blog

That’s not too surprising but some of the other charts might be of interest to you and your organization. Information like amount people talk about health on Facebook goes up as the user ages and women talk about family and friends much more than men.

Other facts that result from the analysis of this information is the media number of friends for a person on Facebook is 342 and looking at a broader group of Facebook users (these people in the student and their friends) there are many more people with almost no friends on Facebook, and the number of friends a user has peaks when the user is aged 20 and goes down from there.

If you knew more about the way your constituents, volunteers, trustees, donors, etc., used social media would you interact with them differently? Let me know in our comments section.

PS The man behind the research has a fascinating background and it’s worth reading.

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