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Is Liking Something on Social Media Hurting Your Org?

A recent study done by researchers from the Sauder School of Business found that people who like a post Facebook or retweet something are less likely to give you a donation. Once people like, share or repost something they are done with the action and are less motivated to give.

Here’s a video describing the study’s findings and what it means to us who work at charities who use social media to drive people to donate and to action.

This study’s findings contradict other studies done like this one done by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and this one from the Nonprofit Social Benchmarking Report that found when social media is incorporated into fundraising, donations increase.

What are your thoughts on this new study?


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How People Use Social Media

The nice folks at Wolfram Blog have created a set of charts identifying how people talk on Facebook as they age. Wolfram Alpha allows people to donate access to their Facebook feed so that they can study how we use technology. More than one million people have done so to date.

The newsflash is that the younger you are the more you talk about Facebook on Facebook.

Line chart indicating people talk less about Facebook as they age.  It is about equal between genders

source: Wolfram Blog

That’s not too surprising but some of the other charts might be of interest to you and your organization. Information like amount people talk about health on Facebook goes up as the user ages and women talk about family and friends much more than men.

Other facts that result from the analysis of this information is the media number of friends for a person on Facebook is 342 and looking at a broader group of Facebook users (these people in the student and their friends) there are many more people with almost no friends on Facebook, and the number of friends a user has peaks when the user is aged 20 and goes down from there.

If you knew more about the way your constituents, volunteers, trustees, donors, etc., used social media would you interact with them differently? Let me know in our comments section.

PS The man behind the research has a fascinating background and it’s worth reading.

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Anti-Social Network

Well, it’s come to this. There is now an anti-social media network that uses social media to allow you to avoid people you know. Hell is Other People is an interesting project that uses Foursquare to locate your friends and then gives you paths to avoid running into them if you have to go near their locations.

Here’s a video about the project:

What are your thoughts? Somedays you just want to avoid people. I get it. But is it so bad that you use social media to do it? Would you use this? Let us know in the comments section.

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The 140 Best Twitter Feeds just came out with their “Best 140 twitter Feeds for 2013.” However, none are disability-related. Since they won’t do it, I think I will come up with a list of the “Best 140 Twitter Disability-Related Feeds for 2013” but I first want your input.

Text - Top 140 Disability-related Twitter Feeds for 2013

If you have a favorite Twitter disability-related feed and think others should be following it, too, please share it in the comments section. Please do so by the end of the day 4/15/13. I will compile and categorize the nominations and will share the list in a future NCE Social Media blog post.

Please note, that I reserve the right to exclude some or all of the Twitter feeds nominated due to appropriateness or space limitations.

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Social Media and Gender

Do you know who uses social media? Do you know that women are driving social media usage? It’s true. Today I sahre with you to sources detailing it.

First, here’s a news story and infographic. It demonstrates who uses the biggest social media tools – the gender, age, education and income of the people who engage with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Digg and LinkedIn pages.

Second, here is a video from the TED series that discusses demographics and the importance of women in business and how they drive social media.

So are you targeting women with your social media sites?

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2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report

Here’s a video of Jeff Patrick, president of Common Knowledge, being interviewed by Melanie Mathos at the 2012 NTC conference explaining the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report.

Jeff goes over topics in the report such as ROI, value of a new fan/follower, commercial social networks, and resources for strategies. If you don’t have a copy of the report, you can get it here. It’s free.

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Social Media Revolution 2011

Two years ago I posted a video on the use of social media. There is now an updated video for this called the Social Media Revolution 2011. Based on #1 International Best Selling Book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman, this video includes statistics on the world’s population, technology adoption, and the continued rise of social media.

Here’s the video. Enjoy.

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