Donations on Facebook

Adam Ostrow from Mashable has written a nice article about a new feature Facebook is rolling out – it is called charity gifts. Basically, Facebook is opening up their gift store software – so you can buy a gift which is a $5 or $10 donation for a charity. Right now this is only in “alpha release” so there are only three charities you may choose from. Once they work out the kinks, Facebook should open it up to other charities.

Until then, you can use Causes on Facebook to collect donations. This application allows you to collect donations and information from donors while they are on Facebook. Causes Exchange is a forum discussing how other charities use the Causes application.

With Facebook reporting that they have 250 million users, they are now the 4th most visited web site in the world. Also if Facebook was a country it would be the 4th largest country, based on population, in the world. Are the families you serve, the donors you want to reach, your waiting list families and future donors part of the Facebook country?


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