Twitter Lists

Twitter unleashed its lists to the general public last week. You can put people you follow into a list. You can also see who has placed your Twitter feed into a list.

John Haydon, a social media nonprofit expert thinks that Twitter lists will positively impact your nonprofit. Lists will completely change how we use Twitter:

* Users can follow a list without having to follow all the users on that list.
* Third party applications will use lists in fun and interesting ways.
* Sites like Listorious will feature a variety of content based on lists.
* Twitter lists will give users additional ways to create value for their followers.
* Twitter lists will add an additional social proof element to all Twitter users.
* Twitter lists will change how we follow streams.

In addition to creating and seeing lists, you can search for users’ lists by visiting Dave Winer’s To use this search you only need to know a Twitter name. The only drawback to this search site is if the Twitter user you search doesn’t have any lists, the search returns you to the main search page without indicating there are no lists for that user.

Are you using Twitter lists yet? If so, how?


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