Timelines, they are a-changing

If you have a Facebook page for your organization be prepared for a change on March 30, 2012. Facebook is changing all pages over to it’s timeline format.

What does that mean for you? Well, since there is a change in layout, you’ll want to make sure you have branding and graphics correctly sized and ready for the change. You can opt in to the changes to see what your page will look like.

You’re going to need to have a cover photo. This is a larger photo that individual Facebook accounts with the timeline already have in place. Dimensions for the image should be 850px by 315px. Make sure the image you choose for your cover photo is this size or stretches to the size without distortion. Mashable has a post with some fun cover photos for some brand pages. You have time to be creative with your cover photo if you start now.

There will no longer be the ability to set a default landing tab. All people will go to your main Facebook page. You can have up to 12 tabs for your page. The tabs will be located below your cover photo and you can arrange the tabs to your preference. Other changes include Pinning (like Pinterest), how to access administration of the page, and page messaging.

Another hat tip to John Haydon on his insightful how-to videos. Here’s a video on how to change your Facebook page over to the new timeline brand pages.

With all of these changes, there will likely be benefits to us. First, it should enhance branding capabilities. Hopefully it will increase engagement.

If you have already converted to the new timeline, let us know about your likes and dislikes of it in the comment section.


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