We’re #3!

Pinterest is now the #3 social network according to a new Experian report. That’s pretty amazing for a social network that was launched 2 years ago and still requires you to get an invitation to be on it. Being third means more people use it than LinkedIn, Tumblr or Google+.

Some people call Pinterest a new version of a scrapbook. Other’s aren’t sure what to think. Now that they’ve finally addressed who owns the rights to the images that get posted, people are joining and visiting in droves. Traffic on the site increased 50% between January and February 2012.

The Ronald McDonald House of Southern Alberta has a great Pinterest board. It includes a category of “Things that rhymes with purple” – note that their main color is purple. They’ve used it to engage people and share stories through pictures. Hat tip to my new friend from Calgary, Derek Bechtold, for putting me on to their Pinterest board.

Do you have a board of Pinterest? If so how do you use it? Let us know in the comments section.

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