Let’s talk about spam and social media.  Not the canned meat delicacy but the nasty unwanted stuff.  When you think of spam you probably think of email.  But social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are also avenues for spam.  

A story by Bloomberg Business Week states that as many as 40% of all social media accounts are spam.  Why would spammers target social media – because they can.  And because it’s easier to reach a larger audience via social media than it is to send spammy emails.  

Putting spam and social media together leads us to two things.  First, make sure you don’t click on links on social media sites you don’t know and make sure your social media passwords are very secure.  In fact why not change them regularly, including after you read this post.  Second, think about the types of information you share on social media platforms.  Is it really important content?  Is it something your readers/friends/followers would consider spam?  Would the social media platforms consider it spam?  Here’s a list of what the various platforms consdier spam.

Image of text of words related to spam and social media


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