Creators – Social Media and Gender Part 2

I wanted to follow up my last post on social media and gender by sharing some new social media and gender information.  A new study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that of people who post online new videos and photos they created account for 46% of internet users.  People who repost videos and photos created by others account for 41% of internet users.

Studying these 87% percent of internet users, they found that 12% use Pinterest.  They also found that women prefer Pinterest and 19% of all women online use Pinterest. Does your agency target women as constituents, donors, or volunteers?  Pinterest might be the way to reach them.

What if you wanted to reach a younger audience?  The same study found that the same number of people use Instagram. more than one-quarter of all internet users aged 18-29 use it.  Sounds like Instagram may be a way to go if this is your audience.

Are you strategically considering demographics when choosing which social media tool to use?  You should.  It can mean the difference between reaching your targeted audience or speaking to an empty room.


photo from Suite 101


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