One Billion

The number one billion is quite a large number.  Facebook’s number of monthly users recently surpassed it.  But what does it really mean?  With 14% of the world’s population using it there are still 86% who are not. 

Here are some other numbers just as important:

  • 300 Million – number of photos uploaded to Facebook daily
  • 600 Million – number of monthly active users who used Facebook on a mobile device like a smartphone. 
  • 43 Billion – that is Facebook’s market capitalization.  Now a publicly traded company it has to balance the needs of shareholders versus users.  Remember that next time they change their advertising or privacy policies.
  • 143 Billion – number of friendships on Facebook – so on average every user has 143 friends on Facebook

So while 1 Billion is very impressive how many people have liked your organization, have uploaded photos about your group, or have engaged you on Facebook?


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