60 Second Lifespan

Yesterday, the Governor of Pennsylvania visited our office to hold a press conference to discuss his interest in increasing the budget to address our statewide waiting list.

While our agency had an official photographer there, I took a couple of photos and brief videos of the visit on my own. I posted a Vine video to Twitter. The Governor’s Twitter account writer, surely the Governor doesn’t tweet on his own, retweeted my video.

Image of email stating the Governor retweeted my tweet

Did you know that after an hour, your post or tweet has a less than 1% likelihood of being retweeted. So the lifespan for your post is 60 minutes or less. So is your information being shared multiple times throughout the day to make sure people are seeing it?

Retweeting and reposting is what we aim for when thinking of viralness of social media. You want your information to go viral. That’s how it will be heard by others not already connected with you.

You’ve got 60 minutes. Go!

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  1. Jonathan

    I’m glad I choose to read this one. Good work!

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