Vine Video App

Last week Twitter made public the newest must-have “Killer App” – Vine. It is a tool that allows you to record 6 second video clips on your smartphone. You can post them to Twitter in addition to Vine. Facebook blocked it right after it came out (the two won’t play nice with each other so Facebook took it’s ball and went home), therefore you have to manually post a link to your Vine video to Facebook. Think of Vine as more social version of an animated gif.

green logo with white bird that is the Twitter logo and the word Vine in script

As my friend Nathan Hand already pointed out in his blog post 21 nonprofit uses of Vine, it can be a very useful tool for nonprofits. I’m already contemplating how we can thank donors, demonstrate how their gift was put to use, share our capital campaign progress, and possibly demonstrating our various programs. Also, there are companies already creating Vine-based tools, such as live-streaming Vine videos as they are uploaded. It’s a hot topic so it shouldn’t be long before others will quickly build and release Vine-based applications that will benefit us.

If you use Vine, share your username in the comments section. The Vine account I created to test can be found at Feel free to visit it. Let us know how you are or will use it for your organization.

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