Using Twitter

Here is a great story about people using Twitter to fundraise.

Twitter is a microblogging site that allows you to make posts of 140 characters or less.  The attraction with Twitter is that with only 140 characters you have to get to the point really fast.  The site also makes it very easy for people to follow your writing.

Also I highly recommend reading all of Beth Kanter’s blog entries that are of interest to you.  A long-time blogger and social media expert, her blog is specific to nonprofit organizations.



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4 responses to “Using Twitter

  1. Thanks for the kind words .. I see you’re in Pittsburgh. Do you know the good folks at CAMT or Justin?

  2. dtinker

    I do know of the CAMT and Justin but really only as an arts volunteer.

    Maximizing the use of technology for nonprofits has always been of interest to me. I’m an early graduate of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. In addition to work at one of the chapters of the Arc of the US, I’m now studying Information Systems Strategy and Technology at Muskingum College.

    This blog was the result of leading a roundtable discussion with many executives of chapters of the Arc from across the US. It is my hope that this will help our many chapters move forward with social media and share experiences with each other.

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