Video Fridays #2…Viral is an Outcome Not a Strategy

Here’s a video on Social Media Marketing for your second Video Friday installment. Leah Jones, from Edelman discusses social media marketing is easy to understand terms. It starts out why it’s okay not to blog and builds from there. I love techies who tell you it’s okay not to do something just because everyone is doing it. When watching this, make sure to think which social media tools are right for you…because not all are since we all have different needs.

Here’s the link to the video. Just note the video has a couple of ads embedded in it.



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2 responses to “Video Fridays #2…Viral is an Outcome Not a Strategy

  1. Thank you so much for including the talk in your Friday video series. When I gave this speech, I was at Edelman, but I’ve since left and started my own company – Natiiv Arts & Media – where I teach artists, writers and musicians about using social media for marketing.

    • dtinker

      Leah, You’re welcome. I found it an insightful talk and I hope others from the NCE membership did too. I look forward to seeing what you’re up to with Natiiv Arts & Media.

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