Seth Godin, a marketing guru, wrote a post recently titled “The Problem With Non”. It details the noticeable lack of nonprofit organizations that are in the top 100 list of Twitter users. As nonprofit organizations, we should be at the absolute top of the list. Social media tools, such as Twitter are free resources that allows you to post information, news, comments and links in real time. It’s a free megaphone that has been handed to you! So why are you broadcasting?

Man with megaphone

Are you using your megaphone?

Here are some key questions to consider when looking at how you use social media –

    Why are you using social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc.?
    What is the goal of each of your social media tools?
    What information is being posted?
    How often do you update your posts?
    Who is your targeted audience?
    Have you engaged the people who are commentators, followers or fans on your social media sites?
    Have you seen any outcomes or changes as a result of your social media efforts?

If you have additional questions that should be on this list, please let us know in the comments section.


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