New Facebook Groups

This week Facebook rolled out a revised Groups feature. Groups allows you to communicate with people and friends you designate in a group – such as work, home, church, classmates, etc. I wrote about Facebook groups previously. Thanks to consideration of past privacy setting issues, Facebook set the default to closed, i.e. only people in your group can see and post in the group.

Here’s a blog post by Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, explaining why they made the changes and the benefits of the new version. Here’s an alternate view of the new Facebook Groups from the New York Times. Here’s a take on it by John Haydon that explains how these changes might impact a nonprofit on Facebook.

Facebook Groups Logo - Blue voice bubble with two busts, in lighter blue, in it.

Facebook Groups Logo

With this change how have you adjusted your agency’s groupings? Did you use groups previously? Do you like the changes? Please feel free to discuss.



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