’s premium service is now free for all nonprofits!

This is an email I got today that I wanted to share with our readers. Please visit the link listed below for more information. If you already use this service, please let us know.

Hello Nonprofit Admins,

Good news! The $20 monthly fee for our premium service is no more. Now all nonprofits on have the premium service toolset added to their Admin Dashboards. In addition to all the tools that came with the basic service, all nonprofits can now:

1) Create Actions, including email petitions that can empower and expand your base of supporters

2) Message all your supporters

3) Send supporter requests to recruit new members

4) Link to your profiles on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

That’s just a small sampling of what your organization can now do on with the premium toolset. For a complete list and background on the enhancements, please see:

We also have a new feature for nonprofits on that is synched with Twitter and allows admins to ask the rapidly growing community for help with a specific need in 140 characters or less. These “Asks” can range from requests for volunteers to calls for immediate online action and will soon show up in numerous feeds throughout

To view a feed of most recent “Asks” from all nonprofits on, go to: To post your own asks, simply go to your nonprofit homepage and make sure you’re logged in.

As a reminder, I give free Webinars every Wednesday that explain in detail the new toolset and how to fully maximize your organization’s presence on If you know how to use the site and the tools correctly, your organization could have hundreds if not thousands of new supporters in just a few months – something we regularly see with organizations that engage the community. The Webinar schedule is listed on the right here:

Finally, you may have noticed that a number of organizations such as Amnesty International have branded headers for their profiles. If you want to have your branding appear on your nonprofit’s header, just email us the design you’d like to use and we’ll upload it. The dimensions must be 939 pixels in width and no more that 150 pixels in height.

As always, I am here to help and hope to hear from you or see you on the site soon!

THANKS so much,


Heather Mansfield
Nonprofit Community Manager,


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